My alluring SYRIA

May 2010. First travel outside Europe. ‘Why are you going to Syria? Go somewhere where everyone goes. Why there? Why now?” I kept being asked and my answer was always the same “Because if I don’t go now, later wouldn’t be possible……now or never“. I had then no idea how damn I was right. I loved this country, people, culture, art…….. . I really felt there like home, so relaxed, welcomed. Aleppo was like my home though I spent too short time there. My heart was bleeding. If I only knew what was coming few months later ….. Continue reading My alluring SYRIA

Eastern TURKEY on a way to Syria

May 2010. My first trip outside Europe is with my my friend Daiva. The trip was done via Istanbul then off to Eastern Turkey (Kurdistan), visiting Diyarbakir, Mardin, Batman, Hasankeyf, Şanlıurfa, then off to Syria.

Our objective – to visit Istanbul then take a flight to Diyarbakir and join Saber with his Kurdish friend Mucahit, and a few days later, to reach Syria. Continue reading Eastern TURKEY on a way to Syria