(picture of As-Salt) It takes a few minutes to get a visa on arrival. Of course, I had to be stopped and taken to a special room. ‘What is this?’ asked a guy pointing at my Afghan visa. ‘Why is it here? Why you went there? why? why?’ “To see friends”‘Local friends? American friends?’ “Local”, ‘hmmmm’. Then he opened my passport at a Syrian visa asking the same. ‘Why you went there? Why travelled? why!?’, “I don’t know. I was passing by”, was the only thought that came to my mind. He look at me suspiciously and then ‘Welcome to Jordan’ and I was free to go. Yes, it took a while to get out of the airport. I understood, that I had to take a taxi to get to town. I met a cool local girl, who was returning from her solo trip to the Nepalese mountains. It was great to see an Arab girl going on such adventures. She accompanied me in a taxi to my place.

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