glam OMAN

10942738_10205051481221149_7612153978060154740_n11 days trip to Oman via Dubai.

I arrived at Dubai international airport at 3:30 am. Life is going on ! Is it a night time ? For sure not at the airport. The most interesting moment is at the checkpoint – the only place where Muslim women are obliged publicly to  undercover their faces.

My first minutes of a new adventure started smoothly . One girl, who I met in the airplane, had a boyfriend who proposed to bring me to the bus station. What luck. In an expensive trendy BMW I was brought to the bus station, where I was left alone with what seemed like many poor Pakistanis and Indians. Waiting. Why not to take a short nap at the bench as they do? I still had time for that. It was a good idea. At 6:00 I took a minibus to go to al-Ain where Khalid, my Omani friend, had come to pick me up at 12:00. The trip by bus takes 2 hours. I arrived. Time to get out to explore. My first trip, completely alone in Arab country. Wuhu!!!!! So exited. Continue reading glam OMAN