CUBA 2016-2017

Pssssss – I like you 😉

Cuba is a country of miracles where reality can become a poesy. Special value in Havana is to talk sincerely to every passerby like if he would be an old friend.

Seeing half-empty or half-full Cuban streets with old Cadillacs and Pontiacs made me realize fast that I was far away from home in a completely different country. In Havana was the least traffic I ever saw in my life. Simply, no cars, no traffic.

I arrived 24 December. It didn’t seem that people are celebrating Christmas as we do in Europe. Cubans started to celebrate Christmas influenced by a pope visit in 2015.

People here don’t stay calm, they get out, they talk, they observe, they are very active in social life. A real social life, they are not yet so destroyed morally by media as they hardly have access to internet, which costs 1-1.5 euro per 1 hour (while salary around 30) ! Continue reading CUBA 2016-2017