Peshawar is the most conservative city in Pakistan. Just 2 hours of drive from Islamabad. There are many Pathans and Afghan refugees living there. There your body needs to be well covered, and it’s better to cover your head too just in case, to avoid problems if you meet any idiots. If you can’t go to Afghanistan, then Peshawar can provide part of that cultural spirit. People here in general seemed Continue reading PAKISTAN Peshawar

Rawalpindi, Taxila, Truck painters, visa extention

Rawalpindi is situated just by Islamabad. It is the twin city of Islamabad. It is a large sprawling city full of bazaars and shops. So all your main shopping can be done there. The centre, focused on Raja Bazaar is walkable. But it’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets. Saddar Bazar is the most versatile, modern and easily approachable market place of Rawalpindi. It’s connected to Mall Road on one side, the city on another, and the railway station on the 3rd side. Continue reading Rawalpindi, Taxila, Truck painters, visa extention

ISLAMABAD – parties, family life, weddings, animal rights…….

Islamabad is the modern capital city. People go there mainly for the weekends. It’s called “The dead city” by locals as people go mostly to relax, and to enjoy the traffic. For business dealings they prefer Lahore or Karachi. European traffic jams can relax in comparison with the ones in Pakistan! It’s green and Margala hills provide trekking options and beautiful views. It is a rather new city, so don’t Continue reading ISLAMABAD – parties, family life, weddings, animal rights…….

Pakistan medicine, beauty, massage salons

Some observations from Lahore and Islamabad

Modern hospitals have services and look like the ones in Europe. Some are really expensive, but most private hospitals have affordable prices. Public hospitals are free but be sure that there will be crowds of people, and you will wait many hours to see a doctor who very likely won’t speak good English. So it’s better to pay in a private private. Continue reading Pakistan medicine, beauty, massage salons


I passed by the very touristic Muree to get to Kashmir. There is usually lots oftraffic, especially during the weekends as lots people go out to the nature. With traffic jams it can take many hours to even get to Kashmir ‘border’ bridge. The aim was to explore Bagh’s surroundings (Bagh, as a town by itself has nothing to offer). We arrived late. The strangest thing was that nobody wanted to host me. Continue reading PAKISTAN Kashmir – BAGH

LAHORE and its habitants

One Pakistani shared this : A Woman says to GOD: “I don’t want to marry. I am educated, independent, and self sufficient. I don’t need a husband. But my parents are asking me to marry. What do I do?” 

GOD replied: YOU are my finest creation and undoubtedly you will achieve great things.  But some things inevitably will not go the way you want.  Some things will go wrong. Sometimes you will fail. Then who will you blame? Will you blame yourself?

Woman: NO…

GOD:… That’s why you need a husband! Continue reading LAHORE and its habitants

PAKISTAN 2019 Collaboration with Pakistanis (business guys, post office, tailors…

‘No problems!’ Nice words but…. Run away when someone tells you this or disaster will come.

Don’t feel sorry for anyone – local friends warn. They can badly hurt everyne. Remember, nobody can hurt you if you don’t let them hurt you! Continue reading PAKISTAN 2019 Collaboration with Pakistanis (business guys, post office, tailors…

PAKISTANI MEN – (police, taxi services…) safety and other beauties

I wish to say just good things but the reality is different, and I feel obliged to inform you of what I saw and experienced and what can happen to you if you are not lucky enough. It’s your choice how to treat my words. my aim was jut to write what happened purely to me and my close ones. My words are really quiet in comparison what I heard from local people/friends experiences (girls, boys stories). There are lots beautiful things written bout this country but let see what can happen in opposite side, that people usually keep silent. Each stick always have 2 ends. Continue reading PAKISTANI MEN – (police, taxi services…) safety and other beauties