(picture of As-Salt) It takes a few minutes to get a visa on arrival. Of course, I had to be stopped and taken to a special room. ‘What is this?’ asked a guy pointing at my Afghan visa. ‘Why is it here? Why you went there? why? why?’ “To see friends”‘Local friends? American friends?’ “Local”, ‘hmmmm’. Then he opened my passport at a Syrian visa asking the same. ‘Why you went there? Why travelled? why!?’, “I don’t know. I was passing by”, was the only thought that came to my mind. He look at me suspiciously and then ‘Welcome to Jordan’ and I was free to go. Yes, it took a while to get out of the airport. I understood, that I had to take a taxi to get to town. I met a cool local girl, who was returning from her solo trip to the Nepalese mountains. It was great to see an Arab girl going on such adventures. She accompanied me in a taxi to my place.

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CUBA 2016-2017

Pssssss – I like you 😉

Cuba is a country of miracles where reality can become a poesy. Special value in Havana is to talk sincerely to every passerby like if he would be an old friend.

Seeing half-empty or half-full Cuban streets with old Cadillacs and Pontiacs made me realize fast that I was far away from home in a completely different country. In Havana was the least traffic I ever saw in my life. Simply, no cars, no traffic.

I arrived 24 December. It didn’t seem that people are celebrating Christmas as we do in Europe. Cubans started to celebrate Christmas influenced by a pope visit in 2015.

People here don’t stay calm, they get out, they talk, they observe, they are very active in social life. A real social life, they are not yet so destroyed morally by media as they hardly have access to internet, which costs 1-1.5 euro per 1 hour (while salary around 30) ! Continue reading CUBA 2016-2017

CHAD 2015


kinda! – Hello in the local language.

First trip to Africa and my choice is Chad. Why Chad? Because accidentally I found a wonderful Archey canyon to see there, Also because I know nothing about this country and it’s not a tourist destination. So let’s go and discover it!

September-February is dust season. March-May – hot season. June-September rainy season, the worst one for travels. Continue reading CHAD 2015

Eastern TURKEY & SYRIA 2010


 My first trip outside Europe is with my my friend Daiva. The trip was done via Istanbul then off to Eastern Turkey (Kurdistan), visiting Diyarbakir, Mardin, Batman, Şanlıurfa, then off to Syria.

Our objective – to go to Istanbul, stay over with Bora (Saber’s friend) and Batu, then on the next day take a flight to Diyarbakir and join Saber with his Kurdish friend Mucahit, and a few days later, to reach Syria.

-Why Syria?

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glam OMAN

10942738_10205051481221149_7612153978060154740_n11 days trip to Oman via Dubai.

I arrived at Dubai international airport at 3:30 am. Life is going on ! Is it a night time ? For sure not at the airport. The most interesting moment is at the checkpoint – the only place where Muslim women are obliged publicly to  undercover their faces.

My first minutes of a new adventure started smoothly . One girl, who I met in the airplane, had a boyfriend who proposed to bring me to the bus station. What luck. In an expensive trendy BMW I was brought to the bus station, where I was left alone with what seemed like many poor Pakistanis and Indians. Waiting. Why not to take a short nap at the bench as they do? I still had time for that. It was a good idea. At 6:00 I took a minibus to go to al-Ain where Khalid, my Omani friend, had come to pick me up at 12:00. The trip by bus takes 2 hours. I arrived. Time to get out to explore. My first trip, completely alone in Arab country. Wuhu!!!!! So exited. Continue reading glam OMAN