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Some observations from Lahore and Islamabad

Modern hospitals have services and look like the ones in Europe. Some are really expensive, but most private hospitals have affordable prices. Public hospitals are free but be sure that there will be crowds of people, and you will wait many hours to see a doctor who very likely won’t speak good English. So it’s better to pay in a private private.

One foreigner was sick. Had lungs inflamation. Sure, had to go with a local to a small private clinic to do all needed analyses, injection. It was 60 euros but he healed. I heard that suh services can cost even more as they take a chance to rib foreigners so better to come with a local to be sure of right charge. Still, this clinic was in poor area……. can’t imagine how locals pay. It has to be extremely expensive for them as it is already expensive and for me. Or maybe locals are charge differently……

One guy got an accident, had broken leg, hand, hurt head. He was from a poor family. In such cases poors are healed not well and it takes very long so he was lucky that his employer payed for his care to a private clinic so he got better service and healed much faster.

There is a natural medecine doctor in Faisalabad. Locals like him but he gives liquids to massage skin when broken bones to make them heal. Seriously? After seing this, I lost any trust in his abilities. Damage nerves, bones are healed different way not with homemade liquids.

Aesthetic surgeries are more expensive than in Europe. These doctors who provide more unique services are expensive, as they have no competition so they charge what they like. For example under eyes skin lifting is more than 2000 euros while in Eastern Europe it is about 1000,  permanent eyebrows cost about 300 euros in Karachi while in Europe it can be done for 70 (good quality!).

Kulsum hospital is expensive. It was also badly organized as I needed to go back as they didn’t give me all the required information before to make a payment. While previously they said that it can be paid for when going back for the results. for sure, when it’s urgent, they accept immediatelly. For some blood analyses had to pay more 50 euros when in Lithuania it can be 20! Seems it’s a hospital for the rich.

PIMS hospital in G8 is a place where medicine is free. I went there once but there were too many people, and nobody spoke English. It was like a bazaar. Plus in my registration document they called me Dique! My name is Diana! They simply couldn’t copy my name so what to tell about healing? I preferred to go to a private clinic and pay 10 Euros for the same service, without being in a bazaar of sick people.

Ali medical center is good for an analysis. ‘Simply’ blood test is about 10 euros, while against Hepathitis is much more. Later they provide all the results online so there is no need to come back and waste time. Consultation at a specialist is a bit more than 10 euros too. I heard just good opinion about this clinic and was satisfied too, however the eye doctors were not good enough to help with my problems. for that I visited a doctor at the Amanat clinic twice too, but with his drops my eyes got even more irritated and worse. In 3 months nobody helped. I saw 3 doctors and none of them managed to remove my problem. It was simply inflammation that was cured very fast back to Europe seeing a local doctor.

I was also visiting public hospitals in Lahore. At first, I thought that they gave shelter to the poor, but I was wrong. When someone is in hospital, most of their family comes to be around him. They don’t understand that this way they make too much mess, really don’t help to the patients and that it’s useless. They live in hospitals corridors or garden as long as their member is hospitalized. They put up tents or sleep in sleeping bags. They cook there too and even wash clothes, drying them all around like in a real refugee camp. The image of a hospital doesn’t correspond to its’ purpose at all.

Massage salons. These salons are known as sex salons. Places where you can find prostitutes ready to give you a hand. They say that it’s forbidden but people don’t care. Life goes on. I gave a gift to one guy, a massage in a salon in F7. After he asked me not to give him anymore such gifts. That girl had intentions to fully undress him and have sex. He tried to run away. She was surprised that he wanted just a massage, while in the next room they did exactly the opposite. Similar situations can happen in beauty salons too.

Beauty salons. I once went for a haircut in a salon in F8. Just girls work in such places. The place used to have good recommendations (not anymore :)). The hairdressers, while washing my hair asked if I like sex…. I told her that I like my hair being cut well. All I wanted is my hair cut gradually making each strand slimmer towards the ends. They instead cut it without any graduation shaping each strand with one vertical cut, so my hair looked like I cut it myself not even looking in a mirror. In the end they always try to curly hair like if I was going to ’90 wedding in Europe. For a few months I needed to attach my hair to hide the disorder on my head. They were cut well immediately when I got back home. Girls in Pakistan usually don’t experiment with their hair too much. All cuts look more or less the same, so it’s hard to find a specialist who could make your hair right and the way it really suits you. I heard just one exists in Islamabad, but never had the chance to meet him.

I tried to ‘clean’ my face there too. Nope, nope, nope!!! In F8 beauty salon they just put lots of different creams on my face making it look even more dirty and fat, without any pilling, removing any blackheads or buttons. I had to wash my face immediately when I got back home and remake everything at home what was much effective. That girl even tried to give me a massage that felt more like erotic touching. I had to ask her to care just about my face!

Had some skin issues so went to Aesthetics in DHA Lahore. Great interior design and everything looks very professional except a service – I got some creams without being deeply analyzed. For sure, no results. Maybe they are good in other procedures, this I don’t know. Girls try to whiten their skin. It’s fashion to have whiter skin, as it’s what is considered as high class here so lots of them come to clinics specially for that.

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