PAKISTANI MEN – (police, taxi services…) safety and other beauties

I wish to say just good things but the reality is different, and I feel obliged to inform you of what I saw and experienced and what can happen to you if you are not lucky enough. It’s your choice how to treat my words. my aim was jut to write what happened purely to me and my close ones. My words are really quiet in comparison what I heard from local people/friends experiences (girls, boys stories). There are lots beautiful things written bout this country but let see what can happen in opposite side, that people usually keep silent. Each stick always have 2 ends.

The people are really hospitable, very welcoming and helpful to their guests (Pakistanis helped me a lot in Dubai too so I’m very thankful for their kindness). It’s easy to travel solo in Pakistan without any trouble (except for some specific places)…. I was in love with this country so I came back here to stay longer, trying to collaborate with locals, and got a painful lesson – never again! To be a guest is one thing but to live and work there is very different. I met too lovely, friendly, respectful locals, no matter rich, poor but most of local (who I met in few months) men are not so and are good in pretending and faking kindness and friendship for really long periods.

Sadly, most of locals mainly saw me (and all other foreigners) as a fat wallet of money, or a girl to fuck. Guys ‘know’ that we foreigners are all like ‘this’ and can do whatever we want, so if a girl comes to Pakistan, for sure she comes for sex.  Some guys don’t even ask, they just say that they want too, so you have to ‘serve’ them. I was shocked. I never gave them a reason to think so (tried to behave ‘normal’). Politeness is so rare that often is considered as flirting. Whatever I did, they would keep their own opinion about this foreign girl. For sure, they don’t attack you with open arms full of emotions. It’s just when you keep being polite with them and when they get used to you. The most kind and respectful, so far, were men from Hunza, Skardu and Pathans (Peshawar).

It’s much easier to meet guys there than girls, as they mostly stay home. I met some nice guys, they seemed cool. But most of them expected physical favors. Many guys feel ashamed of their society’s general attitudes and behaviors, but they can do nothing, they are the minority and try to protect their female guests, friends as much as they can. Some guys ‘friendships’ are gone soon after they understand that would get nothing from you (suddenly they get busy, lots work…), some keep insisting, begging for long period still expecting your favours. My friend doctor told me that in online forums where people ask doctors advices, 90% of questions are men asking about men genitals – what to do to put it up faster or make it work longer or…. . Seems, it’s the only their health ‘problem’.

I was hosted in an apartment in Islamabad F10. They were friends of a guy that I met few years before so he arranged my stay before I even asked for it. He was one of these cool locals I ever met. He asked  them to host me 1 night but finally I stayed there 3. The apartment was full of guys. Lots guys kept coming, going, visiting, staying for a night like in a shelter. It took time to understand who really lived there and who no. The guys were cool. I felt good with them, nobody disrespected me. The one, at whose room I stayed, asked me advices how to seduce and make happy a girl he liked so our conversations were mainly about this. They made me feel one of them. I tend to trust more these who love animals, as these locals were usually really nice people that I met. I had a chance to meet one ex military, in Chaklala Scheme 3, who gives all he has and can for these in need, studying medecine to be able to help by himself faster these in urgent need, to diagnose disease. He was my angel and still is. Good heart guy who never passes by without feeding a hungry stray animal, even a person, paying animals surgeries, keeping home more than 20 4-leg companions and never asking, even helping people, to pay for his help. I highly value this person and am so in love with what he does. He was too my huge support and advisor in Pakistan. Such people are real proud of every country. Proud of having him as my friend (I took separate time to introduce him in my other story). Met one more good person, dogs lover and helper in Islamabad F7 but his scale of sacrifice is much smaller. Still he keeps special place in my memories. Kashif – is that guy in Lahore Backpackers hostel who is always positive and ready to help, advice and to be trusted. For sure, there is too so called Prince in Peshawar who is super cool guy always ready to help, host travellers. Ask anyone, people will know him :). Attention, calm people can get tired fro his hyper energy and exitement 🙂 (his picture is on my cover). Same good I could write about few more met business guys, tour guides, ‘simply’ citizens. It is possible to have really hight quality friendships there too but it takes time or luck to fell on them :). I really am thankful for Syed from Rawalpindi for his support and help. Poor, simply, goodheart guy sometimes giving the last money he has to beggars, instead of buying food for himself. He has no money, hard life but he has a huge heart and personality. Wish this country would have much more such cool guys to be proud of.

Be super careful! Don’t trust nice, sweet words, as it can hide not welcomed what is about to come later. Be specially careful of these who call you their ‘sister’! This word is a huge hypocrisy (in most of cases). There is a fashion for men to complain about their wives. That they were forced into marriage, miss real feelings of love, romancy and dream about a free new life, divorce…..blah blah just to get a girl to feel pity for them and to get her into bed. Unfortunately some pretend to be great friends just to win girls favor. They can pretend lots of months. Be careful, no matter if he is rich, poor (they seem to care more about money or to get out of their country), educated, not educated…. Same crap in their heads but in different ways. One famous doctor (about 60 years old) tried to make me his lover introducing all his plans to me. I was too naïve believing in well educated, interesting people. Some business men, directors were flirting, talking about holidays with me, though they had wives who would be left to wait till they with me on a trip. Online checking their families pictures, posts you could think that they are the most happy marriages ever. Lots gave their visit cards asking to call when any question or trouble. Tried to contact few, having some troubles, but for sure, they never answer. They just like to share their cards or call you when it’s suitable for them. From all the guys I met, I could trust at most 10 of them who never tried to take advantage of me, and were always kind and respectful. Luckily there happen love marriages too but mainly between middle and higher class, but again, lots of these guys cheat on their ‘loved’ wives too.

If a guy is lucky somehow to get your number (doctors, taxi services…or you give by yourself), it’s a fashion to send ‘good mooooorning’ messages and pictures of a nature, flowers ….. you can already guess where it goes later. You are smart reader. ‘Normal’ guys never wrote me this, unless I had a morning meeting and  had to write greetings before starting a conversation. Lots guys just don’t understand when you kindly ask them to go away. They insist writing about ‘love’ as their d*cks are up and they look for a place to put it in. And there are guys who have fiancés, girlfriends and keep lying, insisting about love to you (again, in aim to get sex) already disrespecting these ones who they are going to marry (there are free behaviour pakistani girls too but in much smaller numbers). I know, it can be not ethical but I felt need to share some (from lots got) print screens without mentioning guys names. As you see, different guys but same stuff. You can switch a guy and continue talking the same continuing previous conversation (with another one) and it would look at a right place. Unfortunately, didn’t see any romance here! Bring a microscope to find it if lucky.

Guys talk much more openly about sex to a foreign girl, so I had a chance to get informed. Some guys really care to make their girlfriends/wives happy, satisfied while others are sure that when they satisfy their sexual needs, their wife is satisfied automatically and nobody never ask her or care. Few understand that women are not a sex tool.

For example, one guy from Karachi Vynz was very sweet to my friend who introduced us. Then as my friend was cold to him, he was writing to me about feelings, romance and other crap. Then after some time he was writing periodically to both of us. It was real fun observing his actions. Of course he remembered his ‘feelings’ for me only when around Islamabad. At the same time he had a girlfriend studying abroad. At the beginning she was his fiancée, then his girlfriend, then just a girl that his parents chose for him to marry that he didn’t want. I thought he could be a cool friend, but then I started to just ignore his repetitive, childish, narcissistic messages. Finally he just got blocked. Romance was very important to him. According to his words he is very romantic, but it’s only when he’s horny. Message received. Got it. He kept insisting. One time he was passing by, so I decided to meet him and explain for the last time to leave me alone. It was my mistake trying to be friendly. It was boring meeting, a waste of time. After some time I heard that he was saying to his friends that he met me and we had lots of fun, and he even stayed at my place for the night! His friend (who knew everything) down told him not to create such stories about his girlfriend and disrespect her, as he knew that it was not true. It finally made that ‘sexy lover’ shut down. Soon after he got engaged and posted pictures with his fiancée, writing about real feelings, love to her……such a hypocrite. No respect for his girlfriend, fucking around with lots of other. I was told he had girlfriends in every town. And this guy makes videos promoting Pakistan! Saying lots nice things, while his actions were far away from his created image. I hope his words become his actions, and that his future wife will be loved, respected and happy! He is just a perfect sample of most of local men behaviour :(.

One guy, knowing that I was disappointed by local guys, asked me to give him a chance (sex) so he could prove that they are not all jerks, and that I would change my mind about local guys after seeing that not all wish me bad …. holy cow.

One Couchsurfing friend was a nice, super helpful guy. He had lots of positive references. He was always nice to guests. When he got used to me he tried to sleep in my bed, saying that he needs cuddles and always need to sleep by someone (met few such love victimes there) and tried to kiss. Going to stay in a hostel was the best choice for me.

Was in Skardu. Lived with a big family. Mainly, time was spent with my girl friends and, for sure, their cousins were always accompanied us when we were going far outside. All guys were always wery nice and never bothered me. There was one…. We never talk while living with their family, but when I finished my holidays, he started to send me some half nudes of ugly, old pakistani/indian women asking what I think about sex. I told him that I talk this subject just with my boyfriend for what I got his answer – ‘but I’m your boyfriend‘….. So if anyone asks me if I had ever a Pakistani boyfriend…… I don’t know, maybe few.  Need to ask them. Who knows 🙂

There are lots similar stories, situations. It would be boring to retell all of them, but I felt the need to share the main spirit of them. On a picture below is a married guy who was expecting his another child, with whom we planned to collaborate. Planned…., had to leave him away too but for other reasons (in my other story). But despite all that crap, memories bring me just smile as in Europe everything seems so boring in comparison with these guys generosity :).

The next story is about another set of jerks, the police, lawyer, house owner, servants and the stress (now fun) I got from them.

Lawyer-tourist guide.

It was a moment when I was thinking about the possibility to stay a bit longer in this country. I was thinking wrongly. I was introduced to a lawyer that was working in F8, Islamabad, he had a tourism organization too. He proposed for me to work with him for a salary of 20000 Rupees (around 110 euros)! It was a real robbery, and for this price I would have to travel around Pakistan all the time accompanying travelers, and helping him too. For this he would get me an official working visa so I could stay longer. Knowing, that to get a working visa takes many months and is really hard to get, it made me wonder how he, in front of others had no shame to lie to my face, trying to bring me bigger problems just to enhance his reputation. They think just about their own profit, using a foreign face to gain trust and to bring more tourists to their organization.

His coworker, a female lawyer (who intoduced us trying to ‘help’) was a friend of the friends. A nice girl who seemed to be easy going, but after her visit at my place, my jewelry was gone.  The helpful, friendly, welcoming girl, stole my things.

One friend was traveling in the mountains with a guide. He wanted to camp in there, to wake up with beautiful morning views. The guide was afraid. He didn’t get why my friend wanted to stay there, so he left him in the afternoon. My friend stayed alone, and even cooked. In the morning that guide went to pick him up. Later he started to use my friend’s pictures, promiting his services and saying to everyone that he organized the trip for my friend, cooked for him, and that he always stayed with my friend and protected him…. though it all seemed otherwise.  Be super careful when choosing a guide to travel with!

Illegal alcohol. I was introduced to a guy. He was looking for someone to collaborate with. I thought I would have a cool local friend (who introduced us), but instead I found that he tried to put me in serious trouble. That businessguy proposed to rent my new house and pay me 100,000 rupees per month. We even found a house. Instead, I had to let him keep his things in the house and go there once per week. Later I found that he was an illegal alcohol seller. In this country only hotels such hotels as Serena and Marriot have licences to sell alcohol, all the rest are illegal and can bring huge troubles and jail. It’s very risky but it brings good money. This guy couldn’t keep the risk in his own home, and was looking for a victim who could have the troubles if it was found out. It all had to be in a big secret. Luckily I understood that he didn’t really wish me the best, and after few of his sweet good morning messages at 3am I had to block him too.

TRIP TO A LAKE 1-2 hours drive from ISLAMABAD

Along with a couple we went to enjoy a boat trip. With a boat ‘driver’ we were looking for a calm place with no people around. We found one, we were swimming. Suddenly a man came to talk. I tried to swim far away, to not show off to him too much. The man went away. Then I saw him coming back with another man. I quickly got out of the lake and behind the boat tried quickly to put my other clothes on, to cover my arms and legs. Their behavior was insolent. They came fast behind the boat trying to see me still not fully dressed. No drop of respect. Luckily I had nothing to offer for their eyes. They started to argue with my friend. When I tried to get into the boat, one man approached me and kicked into my face. Luckily nothing was broke, just pain. My friend tried to protect me, the 2 attacked him and started to fight. We were afraid that others from their village could come and then it would be huge trouble for us. So keeping stones in my hand, just in case, we got into the boat and went away. Locals villagers have their own rules. My companions complained to a police. With 1 military, 1 policeman, 1 more guy and a witness (boat driver) we went back to that place. My friend along with a soldier went to the village. They were attacked by the locals. Some were holding my friend and hitting him, while others held the military guy trying to take away his gun, shouting ‘shut them down!’. Luckily, police and another guy arrived and the fight was finished. There was just my freind, real hero bleeding. They arrested one guy who was there the moment when they attacked me (my kicker ran away), a brother of my attacker and one more guy who was hitting my friend the most.  The Police and military behaved cruelly with these assholes in the boat. they hit them, punched just by my side. It was a huge drama. Immediately lots of guys from that village came to the police begging for forgiveness and to release these guys.  That village is already known to a police for their cruelty, as it’s not the first time they break someone’s nose, hand ete. They were promising not to do it anymore. Just empty words. The kickers brother could be released if his brother would replace him, but nobody wanted to provide the most guilty guy ( he was a hero for them who tried to ‘protect’ the village!). They were in the police cell for a few days at least. The villagers didn’t show any sympathy for an innocent man being kept instead of his brother. Some idiots gave my friends village address (confidential information which was given just to the police) so the villagers started to go there to beg him to release their member! That guy didn’t live there, just his grandma, sister ete. This was hugely irresponsible to share contacts, putting others in potential danger, especially females. The villagers accused me of swimming naked, and that I got what deserved! Incredible! The police said that I had the right to swim naked if I wanted, but they had no right to attack us, only to ask us to leave. The police guy seemed really cool, I liked his kindness and taking responsability and fast actions. I doubt anyone exists who would even dare to think about swimming naked in this country! For some illiterate ones, t-shirts, visible ankles are already pornography. we could get things more serious but didn’t want to make FIA and court as it would take more than 1 year and for sure, some politics would support these villagers and help them in aim to get more votes during the elections. Pointless game.

Simply, Pakistanis are scared of courts so you can use it to scare and calm down some when any conflict.

I was renting a house in Rawalpindi.  I visited few houses and chose one. I came back but then the owner explained that don’t rent it to foreigners, and that it was never 40000 but 60000! It was too much even at 40000 for a small, unfurnished, abd shape apartment. Another house was the same. They told me that it’s just for families.  I’ve no idea why they wasted my time and didn’t inform me from the beginning making me coming back and explaining all details about their house. Some owners were looking for good locals as their priority. They don’t like to rent houses to locals as they really destroy living places, and they don’t want to rent it to foreigners who don’t destroy. Foreigners have a reputation of bringing bad as they know nothing about abroad and imagine just the worst. I till now haven’t understood the logic here. Some places were in such bad shape that even poor locals wouldn’t want to stay there – completely destroyed, no bathroom, no water system, no working toilets and asking 40000 to rent! It’s really hard to find something ok, unless it’s in Bahria town, which is very far away. Specially nobody wants a foreigner to pay local price so they try to increase prices. i learned that in this district is hard to learn as military bases are there and special control can be made.

I found one in Chaklala Scheme 3. The owner IMTIAZ ALI ID nr. 37405-0301030-9 (on a picture the one with glasses), house number 360, street 15, of course didn’t prepare the house for living as promissed. When I was already there he sent his workers during the month to check this or that, and even broke the outside kitchen door and left a hole for a week. I couldn’t use the kitchen and it was not safe at all to live in an open house. Luckily nobody got into the house, as it would have been easy if someone would have known about such a possibility. The kitchen door was situated towards the neighbor’s house, so from outside it was not visible. The neighbors always saw everything, they observe, they are curious. They spread rumors…. I had to put a tall fence on my terrace to hide from the neighbors eyes.  I didn’t feel safe there. The house owner was a real jerk, an ex military lawyer, making his own machinations. Who could do wrong to him? He is a lawyer and has connections. he was even thrown out from Nadra but then with needed connections they took him back. The house was in a bad shape. He didn’t care about it and it didn’t make me feel safe there. He was informed that I wanted to get out. I wanted to give him the keys back, but he didn’t accept it and kept postponing the meeting. Then he was saying that I have to sign an official paper informing of my plans. I did it but he didn’t accept any paper and tried to postpone the whole process. I wanted to get back my 2 months deposit money, 90000 rupees. He wasted half of the month saying that as I didn’t give him the keys, he didn’t have to give me 90000 back, just 70000 maximum.  He ignored my messages and calls, so I had to ask other guys to help. They were negotiating. The house owner was shouting and accusing me of lying and cheating on him. Complaining that he is poor and has to feed his family, while at the same time organizing his daughter’s fancy wedding, and buying a new car. He agreed to pay 65000 the next day. Of course the next day, he ignored the calls. After a few days we found him, he said that can’t pay 65000 as I still hadn’t delivered the keys. We talked to some property dealers and even they didn’t sign papers of acceptance for the keys. They were all corrupted, were afraid of this lawyer as they had their own game here (their picture is just above). I finally managed to deliver the keys but no money.  After 3 weeks of trying I went to a police, so they called him. He kept his 2 phones off as he knew that we were looking for him. The Police station airport officer called the house owner. But he didn’t help, he didn’t even try. Instead he started to send me good morning messages, expecting my kindness and me getting into his arms.

The house owner got angry accusing me again saying that he would have payed, but now as I went to a police, he wouldn’t pay. He was just looking for excuses. The police did nothing. Such things only courts can solve, but it can take lots of time and money, and with no certainty that I would win. A lawyer who used to know my house owner offered to help and put him in his place, but the house owner was ignoring the calls and was going to work. Then I went to Nadra, in the Satellite town in Rawalpindi. The main guy there knew and was respected by my house owner. He managed to talk to him. He promised a meeting with all money.  For sure the day of meeting, even the week, The Nadra boss was on holidays and was not coming back for at least 1 month more. Again nothing, I talked to new guys there who just gave promises to make me go away. I was lucky to meet one cool Pakistani (born and grew up abroad) who gave me real, right advice and is still now one of my friends. He had to contact one journalist who knew all politics and lots of influential people.  He told me not to worry.  He recommended me to his friends, some main police guys.  They accepted me and called the house owner. He was really freaked out as he didn’t expect that I would go so far. I managed to get an FIR, which is a permit to arrest a person. I was advised not to use it though, as I would get into a long process wasting so much time. For sure, I would make that asshole sweat. My responsible police office was again the Police station at the airport. This time I talked to other officers. They immediately started to act and ordered to the house owner to come. Of course he didn’t as he knew that could be arrested. He delivered 50000 rupees to the police. The rest was promised to be taken later by the police, but later never happened. No worries they said.  I lost 40000, and even my embassy was helpless.

Such nonsense happens in different cases. A solo girl trying to do something there is a good victim to profit from. Whatever I tried to do there was always some new shit. It’s always the case unless you are well protected by local authorities, then locals will treat you differently.

My Second rental was a small house in F-8/2 Islamabad. This was thought to be calm and safe, as the streets are protected by lots of cameras and guards. My house was just behind the owners.  We shared the same gate. The owner seemed super nice.

Once I asked their servant if they wanted to clean my small 2 bedrooms house. I offered to pay her even more than she earns for cleaning the huge house. She agreed. She was complaining to others that her job is badly payed so she looks for supplementary incomes. She came to clean, but she cleaned just in the middle of the rooms and went away. All the dust was left on the tables, dirty floors in the corners and below the beds….. When we asked her to finish cleaning she gave the money back, saying that it’s not a palace, a small house, so no point to cleaning it well. It was easier to clean it by myself. Don’t try to help others as they don’t appreciate it, and just create more problems instead of being thankful. I decided to mind my own business. Sometimes some ‘friends’, mainly guys came to visit me, to talk. And unfortunately it gave more proof to others that I’m a ‘slut’.  People always pretend to be nice but they say bad behind your back. I adapted my dress to the local culture – long pants or skirts, loose blouses, a scarf on my shoulders, but it was nothing for those who wanted to speak and ‘know’ the truth.  One time the house owners servant (maybe 40-50 year old Kashmiri) came to my house saying ‘madam is good, madam is good, I want too, please, 1 chance, madam is good, madame is good’, “what do you want? Tea?”, ‘please, 1 chance, madam is good, please’…… then I got that he was asking for sex. Some friends coming to see me was a ‘proof’ for the servants that I fuck with every guy who enters my house. I didn’t want to be a complainer so I said nothing to the house owner. Pointing to the door was enough to make him go away and never ask again. The sad truth is that I’m sure that even if nobody would have entered my house, they would still have thought bad of me.

I lived in that house almost 4 months. 3 nights before leaving there was an incident that was the end of any sympathy to local men. That day I saw a new servant, 21 years old, who came to replace one on leave. He had already been there 3 weeks but I had never seen him before.  2am, I was trying to sleep.  It was still hot (30c +) even though it was the second half of September. I heard something downstairs but ignored it. Then suddenly the light was on in my bedroom, and that Pakistani was standing there with a knife in his hand!!! Luckily I was not sleeping! I asked him to get out, which was a waste of time as such can’t even speak their own language properly. I was in my bed while he slowly approached. I started to scream like crazy.  He was going to get into my bed but stopped. It seemed as if he was thinking ‘why she is shouting? She is here for fucking so I came for that too’. Damn, they even don’t ask, just come as if I was volunteering for sex here!!!!!! Luckily there was a small noise outside or whatever and he suddenly ran away. I put my tunic on and ran out for the security.  He was sleeping in his cabin at a gate. I was panicked, trying to explain the situation. He didn’t understand, proposing for me to sleep in his bed. Damn it.  I ran away from one and here you are, another one. I ran back home. He felt that something was wrong and soon after he brought the house owners cousin who spoke good English. I explained what happened. He couldn’t believe it. They carefully choose all their workers. All the servants are relatives, recommended by trusted people. They were shocked by my story. When they checked the attacker’s room, they saw that he had run away. He risked losing his job, being arrested by the police, destroying his reputation just to try to do what he wanted to do.  All his family soon knew about what he did. My Pakistani friends hearing that he was Kashmiri, were not surprised by his behavior. They said that most of robbers, trouble makers and killers come from Kashmir. I visited this region once for a few days with local friend. I felt really unwelcome as lots tried to cheat, even on my local partner while not even seeing me. Lots of Pakistanis think about one moment of pleasure, profit instead of consequences. Complaining after that their situation is not getting better.  In the morning the other servants found the knife. He had thrown it in the garden. The house owner recognized her kitchen knife. She was shocked as it was forbidden for him to enter the house (his job was to take care of the garden). That meant that he got inside illegally to get the knife, or another servant brought it to him. The attacker used the knife to make a hole in the grid in my kitchen door to open it.  What if I would have been sleeping at 2am???!!!!!!! I heard that the hearquaters of Inteligence police knew about this accident too. The rich house owner couldn’t leave this situation just pass by so for sure, sooner or later this guy had to be found and having fucked up his life for veeery long. Some more proofs how lots local men think here.

From the next day onwards there was an armed guard walking around the houses 24/7, not letting in anyone from the outside. He was checking every detail. It was too late for me as the bad had already happened and I had to leave. Finally!!!!

There is a page called CITIZEN PORTAL, where they offer help for civilians with their problems. Sounds great, right? I registered there and mentioned my issue with the first house owner. I tried to contact them few times but was just ignored. Even the police were informed and given my registered number, so they could check my case. Think it worked? Nothing. Here it is popular to make empty promises, just to make someone go away. This page is not really well arranged either. When needing to register a case, they give the option to choose departments automatically and so on. But all departments needed that would correspond to a possible case don’t exist. So you need to choose something, thinking that it’s the best suitable. With friends help, I registered my case. If you have lots of free time and want to ruin your mood, then this help centre is the best place to call for help.

Fake marriage. My adventures in Pakistan continue. After all complications I had and still have, one more added. When I got registered at a police for living ‘legally’ in that first house, soon after police came to look for me. They like to come really late.
One criminal/drug dealer from Multan (I have no idea who he is) confessed that I’m his wife. For sure, it gave a reason for a police to come and pick me to their office to interrogate me and my local friends. My friend told that sometimes can happen that by accident I sign something and a guy can register it as a real marriage so a girl would be scrod. Luckily I never signed anything there till my friend didn’t approve. It ended up by knowing that I finally have no any Pakistani husband. Damn it 😁 and by inviting inteligence officer for a cup of ukrainian tea. Good to have right ‘friends’.


Careem, Uber taxis services

Most of the drivers have no idea how to read maps or GPS, and either take you to the wrong place or take a longer route to get more money. Luckily I used and always checked where was going, or indicated to a driver where to go.

The day of my departure at 1am I called Careem Taxis, the best taxi service in Pakistan. Better than Uber, where drivers ask where you want to go and then decide if they want to come or not. A car came but the driver required me to pay in cash. I had no cash and Careem accepts bank payments that I used to pay automatically. The driver knew that I had to go to an airport and that I had no choice. I called another driver, he arrived, and the same crap. No cash, no trip.  Luckily, the house owners cousin gave me 1000 rupees and I left. I didn’t like how the driver looked like but I had no choice. He was driving slowly, chatting on Whatsapp nonstop. Then he stopped. It was a huge, empty road between 2 districts. Living houses were far away. He kept chatting. I asked why we stopped.  He just repeated ‘no problem, no problem. My cousin lives in G9 so I just pass to give him 100 rupees and we go’, I told to him to go whatever he wanted after. I needed to get to the airport! The driver didn’t care. We kept waiting in the car. Luckily I had car registration number so I sent it immediately to my local friends just in case. I didn’t expect it to be very useful. Even if that driver would have killed or raped me… the police wouldn’t do much. They know that police can’t do lot so nobody is afraid of them too much. After 10 minutes the driver moved. Luckily his cousin couldn’t meet. He kept driving slowly. 40 km left……..long road, the longest ever I had in my life, thinking nonstop about the destination. Close to the airport he suddenly he stopped again, in the middle of the road! I panicked again and kept asking why we had stopped, getting the same answer ‘no problem no problem’. We eventually moved again and finally arrived. I was in a hurry to get out of his car as fast as possible. I gave him 1000ruees and he had to give a 300 change, but said that he didn’t have any change and no more money as he already spent them. Bullshit. The last bullshit I had to deal with. I complained  to Careem administration about this driver and mentioned his irresponsibility and how I felt unsafe. But got this answer,  ‘we checked his car, everywhere is clean so your complaint is unreasonable’. Damn holy cows! What were they talking about?! I didn’t even talk about his car. They completely ignored my words about the security and his competence! Ah yes, Careem and Uber always keep repeating that they care about their passengers, help and protect them as much as they can.

At the airport, all my luggage scanned and waiting at the gate. After so much shit I was not yet calm about getting out, only when I will stand in another country, only then…. Suddenly they called my name, damn.  ‘What else?’ I asked at a gate. I was scared. In this country, everything is possible. ‘We have no economy place free so decided to upgrade you to business, is it ok?‘, “That’s all?” It was all.  Feet out, in a comfortable sit, well fed. one leg out of this country and already everything is good. Tears were running from my eyes when was flying above Ukraine. If my aircraft crashes here, at least it’s ‘my’ land.  I love my country, I’ve never loved it so much, my beautiful Lithuania.

‘You’re my sister, welcome any time!’

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Just another wonderful day. In my stories you won't find lots of descriptions of visited and seen beauties. Usually such information is easy to find on the internet. For me, the most important is how visiting places and meeting people made me feel. The real beauty of a country can hardly be described by words. In order to preserve privacy, all the names of persons in my stories are changed. And unfortunately my destinations are not intended for lazy, comfort-searching tourists. My priority is to explore countries which are considered ‘dangerous', complicated or out of the average lists of tourist destinations and mainly involve places, which there is little or no information about. You would ask, why? My answer is, because usually in those countries people tend to be the most incredibly welcoming, friendly, respectful, helpful. Every time I leave them, I leave a piece of me with my newfound family.

3 thoughts on “PAKISTANI MEN – (police, taxi services…) safety and other beauties”

  1. girlfriends being in Pakistan who retold similar situations happening to them too and I’m glad that you were not afraid to write the truth and warn the future travellers

  2. coudn’t agree less. as a solo traveller there, I enjoyed being there but then one kept following insisting about marriage and a lot of stupid messages received too, even naked pictures. i don’t get how these guy are thinking here, luckily met my local friend so he stayed with me all the rest time

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